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DBT releases Critical Imports and Supply Chains Strategy

By January 24, 2024No Comments

The events of recent years have severely disrupted the global supply chains which we rely on for our critical imports. In a rapidly changing world the UK needs to adapt to these challenges and seize opportunities to ensure the reliable flow of vital goods that underpin our prosperity.

The critical import and supply chain strategy helps UK businesses build secure and reliable supply chains, which are vital to:

  • the UK’s economic prosperity
  • national security
  • the delivery of our essential services

The strategy sets out how government will work with business and international partners across 5 priorities:

  1. Making the UK government a centre of excellence for supply chain analysis and risk assessment.
  2. Removing critical import barriers to support the UK’s business-friendly environment.
  3. Building the UK’s response to global supply chain shocks.
  4. Ensuring the UK can adapt to long-term trends.
  5. Expanding collaboration between government, business and academia.

You can view the strategy here.

Ben Kemp