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Recognising that a significant amount of the discussion is commercial and in confidence, we are able to share with members some positive outcomes.

Firstly, there is recognition that the questions from the webinar have not yet been answered, they have confirmed that all the operational questions are answered internally and they are waiting for a couple more responses back from the Policy team. These will be sent to members as soon as they arrive.

UKHSA are evaluating a system that will allow suppliers to know where they are in the process, but currently they have no indication of dates, following several discussions about the benefits with us, UKHSA recognise the benefit to the process and hope to be able to improve with this option moving forwards.

There will be a pilot of a new internal application clarification process with suppliers with more news to follow if it’s successful.  The pilot has started this week.

Adverts are currently out for additional resource to the process and UKHSA will be interviewing shortly, but the additional resource has yet to come, again, we have pushed for this and it looks to be coming.

In terms of progress on the backlog, over the past month a significant number of applications have been concluded.

Discussions are still on-going with MHRA and there was nothing reported on the issue of future regulation at this meeting.

And finally, the industry facing webinar is still being planned but there was nothing more to share from their side since the last one until now (including the answers to the questions sent from the last one!)  The team at UKHSA had been waiting for some more progress to occur before taking time out of members diaries, but this could be before the end of July. So look out for information from us as soon as we get that in the diary.



Ben Kemp