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Credentialling Update

By February 18, 2022No Comments

For members who find themselves needing to sign up with Intellicentrics Sec3ure, this is a reminder that there is an exclusive discount for BIVDA members of 10% per registration.

We have agreed with Intellicentrics, who have worked with hospitals on the sector’s behalf, that BIVDA members who sign up for “LABS” with the Intellicentrics system will only be asked for the following criteria for Sec3ure sign up; You should note that for general access, there is no DBS required. DBS is required if accessing any areas with patients or vulnerable people.

Members will continue to receive general information via email/mailshots with various criteria stated, but the account set up will revert to this agreement.

Full Name
Phone Number
Shipping details for GO!BADGE
Manager Name
Managers Email
Attachment to all LOCS individual visits
General Liability Insurance
Product/Service Competency
Covid-19 Vaccination Evidence
LFT Test every 4 days
Hep B if working with Bloods

To comply with training requirements, individuals are required to provide a letter from their employer/ company headed paper that all necessary training has been provided.

There is an exceptions process for any exemptions required. Any questions can be addressed to or

Separately, an LSI only card provided directly by LSI will be available shortly. This card will not be linked to any appointment system, either Intellicentrics or MIA, but will be valid in terms of the credentialing requirements of the LSI Register. It is difficult to know whether hospitals will restrict access if they have a contract with either company therefore feedback (when it is launched) from members will be useful.

Whilst the agreement we have with Intellicentrics is intended to make life easier when required for members, and they have been accommodating and helpful with our work – our position is still that members who are invited, expected and contracted to attend sites should not be subject to unnecessary cost or burden. It would be very useful to know if members are being challenged for credentials upon site visits and if not, which sites. This will be kept confidential, but please email me to let me know.

Please also contact me if you want a list of Sec3ure locations to be provided.

A link to the current BIVDA position paper is HERE

Ben Kemp