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Clean Air Day 2022

By May 13, 2022No Comments

People are dying from air pollution, and this includes indoor as well as outdoor pollution. The figures from the World Health organisation are a staggering 7 million people worldwide!

The UK figures are 36,000 people each year dying form heart and lung disease caused by air pollution.

Global Action Plan is an environmental charity. They are behind the Clean Air Day Campaign and are using it to bring together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector to talk about the problem and educate and empower people to do something about it.

A clean air plan is good for businesses, as it delivers on sustainability and net zero goals, staff wellbeing, and the health and safety of employees.
There are resources for Businesses available on their website.

This year’s clean air day’s theme is
‘Air pollution dirties every organ in your body.
Take steps to improve your health this Clean Air Day’

If you want to get involved there is a social media pack available here as well as ideas and resources on how your company can make a positive impact.