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Call for Member Input for NHS England Diagnostics Advisory Group

By July 7, 2023No Comments

Members may already be aware through discussions in recent working parties and the wider NHS Diagnostic Advisory Group about work that was undertaken earlier in the year by NHS England for the piloting of point of care tests in ARI Hubs.

Acute respiratory tract infections in patients place a major burden on health systems each winter.  There is an eightyfold increase in respiratory admissions during this period, which has a profound impact on elective activity and hospital targets. Moreover, delays in admission and multiple ward transfers are unsatisfactory for patients and carers, reducing the quality of care and add to length of stay.

Many of these patients who attend emergency departments (ED) with respiratory symptoms are not admitted.  Depending upon the underlying condition they may be discharged home but the time for assessment in emergency departments adds an additional burden to already stretched organisations.

The pilots were unsuccessful due to several factors in time to utilise the funding, but further work is planned and the next DIAG meeting will be held at the end of July.

As preparation for this, BIVDA and NHS England are working together to gather evidence and your input will be invaluable.

The problem statement is detailed below.

To promote the widespread use of PoCT devices, NHS England needs device agnostic evidence demonstrating:

    1. clinical cost-effectiveness.
    2. where on the pathway PoCT devices can deliver most benefit and;
    3. details of any practice changes that may be needed.
  1. Can we work together to build this evidence base, focusing initially on PoCT for respiratory conditions?
  2. Is there an opportunity to make existing evidence device agnostic?

Members are invited to send their comments to by COB Wednesday 12 July