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Business Survey: barriers to building resilience international supply chain resilience

By June 30, 2023No Comments

This survey is being conducted by the Global Supply Chains and Economic Security Directorate in the UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT) to identify businesses experiences of managing their critical supply chains and protecting against disruption.

The pandemic, as well as changes in the global economy, geopolitical environment and climate have recently increased the frequency and magnitude of both demand and supply shocks to industry globally. Government and industry have worked closely on responding to this challenge over the past few years.

Supply chain disruption continues to be a Government priority. DBT is leading work to ensure a collective understanding of and response to potential disruptions to international supply chains.

This survey will help the Department build a picture of:
– your businesses’ understanding of your international supply chains
– how your business is building resilience against potential disruptions to your imports
– what barriers your business faces in building resilience against potential disruptions to your imports and how Government and business can work together to resolve these.

Through this survey, DBT are seeking to reach those who are responsible for trade and supply chains decisions within your business. All responses to the survey will be anonymised and any report produced will ensure that no individual respondents can be identified.

You can access the survey here.