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Briefing from the Surgeon-General – 21 July 2022

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This was to cover needs military needs for healthcare in the Ukraine but also looking forward to defence needs for the UK forces. They are planning for smaller medical footprints being more likely for conflict areas moving forward with fewer people so looking at technology to fill these gaps.

Point of care diagnostics for testing and imaging were the first thing mentioned as well as solutions for non-compressible bleeding, i.e. where tourniquets cannot be applied such as within the abdomen. In addition to looking at resilience of supply chain, they also spoke about which products can be put together near the point of need (such as blood products).

The ratio of mortality to injury in Ukraine is similar to that in Vietnam rather than more recently seen in conflicts such as Afghanistan where the ratio was one fatality to eight seriously wounded due to facilities like the hospital site at Camp Bastion – lack of pre-hospitalisation care and delays in evacuation are the main drivers for poor survivals. There will be an initiative for more military technology including healthcare being launched – Forces Focus and in September 2023 there is a major exhibition,, which  companies should consider in London and which coincides with the NATO Surgeon-Generals Conference.

Meanwhile BIVDA will be working with ABHI and directly with the Surgeon-General’s team to identify IVD related needs and where there are opportunities to support the military.

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