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BIVDA’s Head of Reg Affairs to speak at MedTech Conference – sign-up now!

By January 27, 2023No Comments

Ashleigh Batchen, BIVDA’s Head of Regulatory Affairs is to speak at Element’s MedTech Conference in March alongside other esteemed guests, such as Professor Michael Lewis, Life Science and Innovation, University of Birmingham and Joint Director, NIHR and Lewis Oakley, Innovation Lead – Heath Technologies, Innovate UK.

Element’s MedTech Conference seeks to challenge the existing regulatory structures and discuss how medical technologies can be brought into play at the right time and within a framework that optimises time to market and delivers a higher degree of confidence that those technologies will positively impact health outcomes, healthcare costs and environmental and societal impact.

The event forms part of a range of planned educational and digital navigational tools to be delivered through Element’s Global MedTech Academy to support faster access to the market of innovative and safer medical technologies.

The agenda takes the audience from the funding innovation landscape, regulatory pathways, approaches to testing (in vivo, in vitro, and in silico), and beyond compliance.

This free event will support you in navigating the regulations to bring your concept from ‘bench to bedside’ using some of the latest testing methods and strategies for compliance.

You can obtain further information and sign-up to the event here.



Ben Kemp