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BIVDA launches its ‘UK Responsible Person Directory’, free-of-charge for members

By December 3, 2021No Comments

BIVDA has launched its new ‘UK Responsible Person Directory’ this week, a benefit to our member companies who wish to advertise their UKRP status to IVD and medical device manufacturers across the globe. To comply with the existing UK regulations, non-UK manufacturers of IVDs and medical devices need to appoint a UKRP to act on their behalf. The Directory is therefore an opportunity for UKRPs to promote their work in assisting manufacturers through the MHRA process.

BIVDA member company IVDeology assisted the BIVDA team in creating the Directory and we thank them for their involvement and ideas. The Directory will be accessible via search engines and our BIVDA website, and we are organising a paid social media campaign to reach IVD/Medical Device manufacturing communities abroad.

Non-BIVDA companies are also welcome to join the Directory, at a charge of £199 plus VAT.
Please access the Directory here and contact Michael for information on how to sign up.