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BIVDA hosts first Springboard Programme 2024 event

By February 7, 2024No Comments

BIVDA hosted our first Springboard Programme 2024 event last week in Chiswick, attracting a range of members and industry experts.  The aim of the programme is to help these smaller companies or those new to the market,  grow and develop by collaboration and connection with leading industry experts.  The programme is delivered in partnership with Barclays Eagles Labs.

Partners included attendees from the Department of Business and Trade, MHRA, CPI, Barclays Eagle Labs and UKHSA.

Special thanks are reserved for BIVDA’s Innovation Programme Lead Lucy Lehane who leads the programme.  If members are interested in further details, please don’t hesitate to contact Lucy (

A full write-up of the event will be available in next week’s newsletter.

Olivia Tierney – Dept of Business and Trade
Phil Turner – NIHR & Oxford MIC soon to be HRC’s
Chloe Zhang – Innovate UK
Kerrie Davies – NHS England
Kathy Scott – Health Innovation Network Yorkshire and The Humber
Lena Cordie-Bancroft – BSI
Cristina Margaretto – MHRA
Melanie Amphlett – UKHSA
Jen Estherby – Barclays Eagle Labs
Miles Jordan – Native Design
Thierry Le Goff – LGC NML
Denise O’Sullivan – LGC NML

Springboard Companies

Les Lindsay – Kiffik
Richard Guy & Luca Lipani – Transdermal Diagnostics
Richard Lewis – Fast MDx
Amy Bennett & David Pearce  – PhenUTest
Emma Hayhurst & Martyn Lewis  – Llusern
Ian Smith – Veritie
                         Dan Bolser – Geromics
         John Rippeth & Isobel Steer – Early Health
                 Brendan Farrell – Luas Diagnostics


Ben Kemp