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BIVDA EDI Summit 2024

By May 1, 2024No Comments

On Tuesday 30 April 2024, BIVDA held our first EDI Summit.

For any organisation, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity is key to legitimacy.  From attracting and retaining the best possible talent, to minimising risk and maximising performance, a companies EDI offer is a key part of who they are.  Our summit aimed to support members to be leaders in this area.

Made up of a keynote address and informative interactive sessions, the emphasis throughout the day was on ‘diverse workforces’ and recognising that a workforce is more effective when staff members feel included and are treated with respect.

Hosted by our HR Working Party chair Nigel Job, the day kicked off with a keynote address from Dr MaryAnn Ferreux, Chief Medical Officer for the Kent, Surrey, and Sussex Health innovation Network.  Dr Ferreux set out starkly the impact of health inequalities in the NHS and her experience a senior Black, female leader in the NHS.

Jane Meaney of AMLO Biosciences discussed with Nigel Job her experiences within the workplace based on gender and how she overcame obstacles to achieve success as part of an all-female leadership team within her organisation.

Eamon Doherty, Biocartis, had a witty and thought-provoking discussion with Nigel on his experiences as someone who was diagnosed at an early stage with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The key takeaway from this discussion was the unique offer neurodiverse workers provide organisations – but also the potential consequences for failing to comply with the law.

Nyambe Sumbwanyambe, MSD UK, talked about role race had to play in STEM, given the racial, ethnic and gender disparities in STEM representation. Nyambe stressed how important representation is to the BAME community because ultimately ‘you cannot become what you cannot see’.

Lastly SG Consultancy’s Sue Gordon talked about common barriers to successful EDI change programmes and how to overcome them.

Natalie Creaney, BIVDA’s Operations Manager said “As a Black woman, I am so proud that BIVDA are taking EDI seriously and hosting this event.  It was great to hear the discussions highlighting the impact of unconscious bias, lack of diverse role models, use of language, and social and financial barriers.  I would particularly like to thank our sponsors Werfen, Sysmex, Pro-Lab Diagnostics and Remtec Talent Management who made the day possible.”






Ben Kemp