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BIVDA Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams interviewed by BBC News

By December 17, 2021No Comments

On Tuesday Doris-Ann did an interview with BBC News, first broadcast at 9.50am but repeated during the day on the TV and radio.

The invitation came to speak on the reported lack of LFTs to the public and the hope that BIVDA would provide clarity on this. Doris-Ann answered the questions using information supplied by Test & Trace beforehand but was able to express the disappointment of the industry, that both global multinationals and UK manufacturers have not been part of the supply process for LFTs.

Doris-Ann has also recently spoken to a journalist from the i newspaper who is looking at the reduction in testing and the effect on people with long term conditions. This is not yet ready for publication and of course the media coverage remains very centred for now on the effects of the Omicron variant.

Ben Kemp