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BIVDA celebrates 1000th Newsletter!

By October 28, 2022No Comments

Welcome to the 1000th issue of the BIVDA weekly Update! With BIVDA celebrating its 30th birthday this year culminating in the big event we held earlier this month, I have been looking back over the way the Association has evolved.

I introduced the weekly Update as a tool to help get all the information out to members in a timely way, without bombarding you all with constant e-mails. It’s important that all members get the information although we appreciate that not everything included will be relevant to all readers.

Feedback on what you’d like included (or excluded) along with any suggestions are always welcome. BIVDA will continue to evolve as the IVD sector does, but I think the weekly Update will remain for a long time to come as our primary method of communicating to our membership.

Happy Halloween!


Ben Kemp