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BIVDA Board Nominations for 2024-2027

By January 31, 2024February 7th, 2024No Comments

Nominations to be received by 20 February 2024

The BIVDA AGM will be held on Wednesday 20 March 2024 and new members of the Executive Board are announced at this meeting. Prior to this we must go through the election process. The BIVDA Executive Board comprises 12 elected members, who serve for a period of three years. Retiring individuals may be nominated for a further term. This year there will be three places available for election.

This is your opportunity to influence the future direction of BIVDA by either putting forward a candidate or by nominating yourself.

BIVDA activity will always support an operating environment that helps members to develop and improve products, succeed in the global market, and contribute to better healthcare outcomes for patients.

Those nominated can come from either Full or Associate Member companies although.

Only Full Member companies can vote in the election of Board members.

The nomination form is attached. This must be accepted and signed by the candidate. BIVDA assumes that anyone standing for election has the knowledge and agreement of their employer to do so.

In addition, nominees are asked to submit an abstract of approximately 500 words and a digital photograph. The abstract acts as a supporting statement detailing their current position and expertise and a description of what they feel they would bring to the governance of BIVDA over the next three years. This abstract will be included with the voting papers to assist BIVDA members to select the best candidates to elect for the Executive Board.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, completed forms should be returned to the Secretariat at BIVDA by 20 February at the very latest in order that voting papers may be circulated and returned on the day prior to the AGM i.e. 19 March.

You will help BIVDA to drive, influence and shape policy and practice around the application and use of diagnostics so that decision-makers in the NHS understand how to maximise the benefits of diagnostics.

You will support the promotion of innovation, safety, supply consistency, and healthy competition in clinical and purchasing decisions on a global, national, and local scale.

Helping the sector demonstrate better and more extensive use of evidence-based diagnostic technologies that improve health outcomes for patients and deliver better value for the NHS and healthcare systems.

I would be happy to talk to prospective candidates if helpful.

Helen Dent

Chief Executive (Interim)