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BIVDA attends the Future of Trade Association Engagement meeting with NHS Supply Chain

By December 15, 2023No Comments

On 13 December, NHS Supply Chain hosted a meeting with Trade associations to discuss and determine the future channels for Trade Association engagement with NHS Supply Chain, DHSC and NHSE, seeking to foster greater two-way engagement. Natalie and Tehelj attended this meeting alongside representatives from other trade associations, DHSC and NHSE.

This meeting was an opportunity to achieve a clearer engagement between trade associations and the departments to support different areas covering net zero, social values, regulatory changes and innovation. The discussion was followed by a workshop on different types of engagements needed in the above-mentioned areas to understand where NHS Supply Chain could inform, involve and/or collaborate with trade associations, ultimately achieving a better communication structure. BIVDA set out our position – there should be an equitable access of information across all trade associations.