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BIVDA attends the Academy of Medical Sciences FORUM workshop on early detection of neurodegenerative diseases

By March 6, 2024No Comments

Last week, BIVDA’s Innovation Programme Lead Lucy Lehane, attended a workshop focussing on the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases in primary care and the community.

The Academy of Medical Sciences, Alzheimer’s Research UK, and Alzheimer’s Society jointly hosted the workshop, and the audience included a number of people with lived experience of neurodegenerative conditions alongside experts from across neurology, brain health science, diagnostics and policy makers.

The aim of the workshop was to consider how emerging tools, including tests for biomarkers and digital platforms, could be effectively used in primary care and community settings to enable earlier detection in multiple neurodegenerative conditions, and included two worked examples – Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

In discussion groups, attendees discussed the challenges currently faced by healthcare professionals, patients, and families when attempting to detect neurodegenerative diseases in primary care and the community and began to explore what might be possible with new tools and changes to pathways. We discussed how emerging tools might be used in detection which included digital tools as well as biomarkers and what research and evidence is needed by developers, decision-makers, and end-users to develop and adapt tools for detecting neurodegenerative disease for use in primary care and the community (with eventual adoption in mind).

In the coming weeks, the Academy will be releasing a report that summarises all the discussions, suggestions, and ideas from the day and this will be published on the Academy website and across their social media channels: The Academy of Medical Sciences: Overview | LinkedIn.

We have invited a representative from the Academy to speak at our next Near Patient Testing meeting in May, so please book in for that meeting to hear more about the Academy’s work.

Please contact Lucy with any questions.

Ben Kemp