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BIVDA attends the Diagnostics Strategy Ministerial Roundtable event

By March 18, 2022March 25th, 2022No Comments

This week, Doris-Ann attended a Ministerial Roundtable event on the upcoming Diagnostics Strategy, an important plan for the future of UK diagnostics. In a pre-meet discussion the week before, it was decided that a Roundtable is the most effective and favoured manner of engaging with Government ministers on the Strategy.

In June 2021 the Elective Recovery Team was tasked with developing a cohesive departmental strategy to make the UK a world leader in diagnostics, with the strategy joining up public health diagnostics with the NHS and identifying how to support the diagnostics industry. The goals of the Strategy will be underpinned by the need to have the importance of diagnostics recognised and ensuring support for this area is taken forward by legislators, Parliamentarians. At this week’s AGM, Jack Attard of the DHSC MedTech Directorate said that there are four priority areas: resilience and continuity of supply, innovative and dynamic markets, enabling infrastructure and specific market focus.

Health minister Edward Argar chaired the meeting and the Secretary of State, Savid Javid joined at the beginning to reiterate the importance of diagnostics in the future objectives to tackle the NHS backlog, address prevention and early diagnosis of disease and tackle health inequalities. Planning for the Diagnostics Strategy has not been side-lined and an important development is that the implementation of the Diagnostics Strategy has passed from the Office for Life Sciences (OLS) to the MedTech Directorate at the Department for Health and Social Care. At present, responsibility for the Strategy sits within the elective recovery unit at OLS, and this team has not had enough time available to apply to the planning process, hence the transfer of responsibility to the supplier resilience team at the Directorate.

The Strategy implementation group are motivated to engage with member companies through life sciences trade associations as much as possible. Mr Javid noted this is the first time diagnostics will have a clear strategy as well as an investment of £2 billion. BIVDA would like to remind members this is a strategy and investment across all diagnostics and not just IVDs/pathology.

Health Minister Edward Argar will have overall ownership of the work surrounding the Strategy. The supplier resilience team at the MedTech Directorate will be working with trade associations to join up plans over the next few months, with updates drafted and issued to stakeholders. At the Roundtable pre-meet, it was stated that the DHSC intends to publish the Strategy at some stage this summer.

If members have any questions or comments to make that they would like to be put forward at future Strategy meetings,  please do get in touch with Doris-Ann.