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BIVDA attend Parliament to promote the Infection Management Coalition’s White Paper

By July 22, 2022No Comments

BIVDA, as part of the Infection Management Coalition (IMC), attended Parliament on Wednesday to promote recommendations made in the IMC’s White Paper to MPs. The White Paper establishes a clear, bold vision for infection control across four pillars: outbreak and pandemic preparedness; infection prevention; rapid treatment of time-critical infection; and antimicrobial stewardship.

Doris-Ann led one of the four stands set up at the event and emphasised the importance of diagnostics in the fight against future pandemics and the growing battle against antimicrobial resistance. The extensive application of targeted diagnostics throughout the recent pandemic can be used as a reliable template for future pandemics and the responsible use of antibiotics going forward.

Many interested MPs attended the event, including Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee Jeremy Hunt MP, Mike Wood MP, and former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP. Many thanks to Christina Rees MP who hosted the event and generated enthusiasm among her Parliamentary colleagues for the various learnings set out in the White Paper.

On leaving the event, MPs were encouraged to sign a pledge supporting the aims of the IMC and their White Paper. Several MPs, including the aforementioned Jeremy Hunt MP, took up the offer and put their name to the cause.

Writing in the White Paper, Doris-Ann stated, “BIVDA is delighted to support the Infection Management Coalition. The threat to global health from infectious diseases and AMR is an ongoing battle in which in vitro diagnostics has a significant role to play”.

The IMC White Paper can be accessed here.

Natalie Creaney