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BIVDA article is featured in The Guardian’s ‘Sustainable Healthcare’ campaign

By July 1, 2022No Comments

The 2022 Q2 campaign MediaPlanet campaign launched this week in conjunction with The Guardian and focuses on ‘Sustainable Healthcare’. BIVDA is delighted to be featured in the set of articles composed by key health organisations on this important subject. Helen’s piece is titled ‘The value of Innovation in achieving sustainable goals’, and can be found at this link.

Helen writes that “Innovation is paramount and is an opportunity to further strengthen UK based and global manufacturers who are established in the UK with a competitive advantage from competition by working more sustainably.”

“Key to manufacturing working more sustainably is ensuring the sector understands what net zero and social value is and how it is being evaluated. They will then know how to maximise activity to maximise scoring to be successful in tenders by signposting members to support mechanisms to deliver within the organisations.”

We encourage members to pick up a copy of the Guardian’s campaign supplement on ‘Sustainable Healthcare’ and read about topic such as procurement, NHS Net Zero, technological approaches to carbon reduction and sustainable health decision-making.

Healthcare companies, suppliers and clinical settings must face the facts in regarding to being contributors to climate change and must undergo sustainable transformations. For example, in the UK, the #NHS contributes 4-5% of the UK’s total emissions.

BIVDA is providing resources and advice to our 200+ member companies already working to reach targets on sustainability as suppliers & manufacturers of diagnostic products.

Our new Sustainability Hub launched in June to provide resources, advice, tender responses and social value information to our membership. This has been warmly welcomed by our members, and will be constantly evolving with new updates and sections as the Evergreen Framework and ‘greening’ legislative processes are introduced and expanded. The Hub can be accessed through the Members Area at this page.

Ben Kemp