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BIVDA applies for membership of the UK Domestic Advisory Group

By November 11, 2021No Comments

The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA/the Agreement) provides for the involvement of civil society through the creation of a Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) and Civil Society Forum (CSF) in advising on the implementation of the Agreement.

The Government sees the DAG as an important consultative body which will enable it to hear from those most affected by the operation of the Agreement. Its recommendations will be taken seriously to ensure concerns are properly registered in advance of meetings of the Specialised Committees and other bodies created by the Agreement. The DAG member organisations will discuss progress made in implementing the Agreement and submit their views or recommendations to the Government.

It is envisaged that the UK DAG will generally meet twice a year and will rotate between all four nations of the United Kingdom.

BIVDA has put forward an Expression of Interest in the membership of the UK DAG. Joining this group will allow the Secretariat to communicate member company experiences of the TCA’s implementation, and raise any concerns on behalf of the IVD industry.

We are awaiting a finalised list of the DAG’s member organisations from the Cabinet Office, and will update our member companies on any further developments regarding this process.