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Apply for Horizon Europe funding today

By January 31, 2024No Comments

The Government is encouraging UK businesses and academics to apply for Horizon Europe funding, which is worth, on average, £450,000 for each UK business.

Horizon is the world’s largest programme of research collaboration, which the UK is a part of after the Prime Minister secured a bespoke deal, last year.

Ministers are determined for UK researchers and businesses to capitalise on the opportunities the programme offers to support vitally important research benefitting all our lives, from health to the environment.

UK firms are already benefitting from Horizon funding to support their research, like Nova Innovation, whose consortium won over £17 million to develop tidal energy in Orkney, and South Yorkshire tech firm The Floow who are part of a project awarded just under £3 million, looking into road safety.

The campaign push will shine a light on the benefits of Horizon participation for businesses like these – particularly smaller firms involved in R&D which might not have previously considered applying – as well as academics and researchers nationwide.

Horizon Europe is built around three main pillars – excellent science (Pillar 1), global challenges and industrial competitiveness (Pillar 2), and innovative Europe (Pillar 3). Horizon’s Pillar 2 has the largest budget and supports research that is aimed at tackling some of the biggest problems facing society, from improving people’s health to tackling climate change. The average Horizon grant from Pillar 2 is worth £450,000 to a UK business.

In addition to funding, collaboration with European and global partners through the programme can help unlock export markets for UK businesses.

Further information, including practical support on how to apply is available on Innovate UK’s website and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) also host regular events that help guide businesses and researchers through the opportunities on offer and the application process.

Encouraging smaller businesses to pitch for, and win, Horizon and Copernicus funding supports DSIT’s aim to help the UK’s promising science and tech firms scale-up and grow.