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By August 5, 2022No Comments

For a variety of reasons but significantly the disruption caused to everyone by the pandemic, BIVDA paused its usual publications of the members magazine, vIViD and the newsletter we sent to politicians and external stakeholders each Parliamentary Term, Diagnostics In Healthcare.

This autumn we will be re-launching these and we are very interested in the format and content you’d all like to see for vIViD moving forwards including whether this should be only available electronically or if you still would like paper copies to have for staff to read around your facilities. The origins of vIViD, which was named by a member, is to allow all employees to have some awareness of BIVDA and our activities to support the industry even if they don’t attend meetings. The intention is to get back to 3 issues per year which will supplement the communications from the other e-news vehicles such as the weekly Update where content is shorter and needs to be received in time for members to engage with opportunities. Expect a questionnaire to the main contact at your company later this month on paper copies so we can get sufficient but not excess numbers printed!

Diagnostics in Healthcare will continue to be produced as a paper copy for MPs and a pdf to mail to other stakeholders. The content focuses on giving the IVD industry view to current topics relevant to MPs for healthcare, business and science with a showcase example of how IVDs make a difference called IVDs In Action. This article isn’t advertorial for the member company but always good for raising awareness – we have a simple template available for anyone who has a test or technology to showcase.

Natalie Creaney