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Update from Department of International Trade

By April 1, 2022No Comments

The DIT is working with other government departments to ensure supply chain resilience and the coordination of the UK’s response with regards to the Ukraine Crisis and details can be found here. 

Members can find updates on other key updates in the links below.

UK-US Dialogue to boost relationship

Joint Statement of future of Atlantic Trade

UK and US resolve Steel and Aluminium Tariff Issue

UK-Canada negotiations

Joint Outcome Statement India-UK

Made in the UK, Sold to the World

The DIT presented a campaign called Made in the UK, Sold to the World. This platform is expected to act as a campaign platform and will be embedded across DIT’s trade promotion activities.

It is the new face of DIT’s marketing to UK businesses, and seeks to encourage companies to start to export, or expand operations. It intends to encourage this change more effectively than previous campaigns. It aims to demonstrate government support for businesses to grow and prosper. Branding can be taken on by other stakeholders and businesses.

This is very much aimed at SME’s and is intended to build confidence and growth opportunities and achieve pride in local business. Members can find further information on the support available for small business from DIT here.

The new UK Export Academy has been designed to accommodate different levels of exporting experience, and can help SME’s address common challenges that businesses can face.

DIT will be looking to work with trade associations over the coming months to develop this campaign further. If members are interested in finding out more, please contact Helen.