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2020 statistics released on the bioscience and health technology sectors

By December 3, 2021No Comments

The Departments for Health, Business and Office for Life Sciences have released statistics from 2020 on the performance of the bioscience and health technology sectors. The figures show strong UK activity in these fields, with a significant input from SMEs. In fact, 85% of the businesses in the industry are SMEs. Another key statistic is that the UK life sciences industry employed 268,000 people across 6,330 businesses and generated a turnover of £88.9bn in 2020.

The report says that South East England contains the largest proportion of life science industry jobs. Completing the Top 3 regions by employment are the East of England (39,200) and London (28,700). The methodology of the reporting measures economic contribution and industry structures through three factors; employment, turnover and the number of employees.

You can find the key messages and further information on the report itself at this page.