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£100m boost in AI research to propel innovations

By February 14, 2024No Comments

Nine new research hubs located across the UK will deliver revolutionary AI technologies while a further 10 scoping studies will help to define responsible AI.

The hubs will provide focused investment that will enable AI to evolve and tackle complex problems across applications from healthcare treatments to power-efficient electronics.

From combating cyber threats, to supporting better health treatments and delivering faster development of electronic devices and microchips, the research aims to transform the way we develop and use AI.

Six of the hubs will explore AI for science, engineering and real-world data, which will provide the tools needed to accelerate future AI innovations and advance its application in key areas such as healthcare.

Also, there was a £9 million investment delivered by EPSRC through the International Science Partnerships Fund.

This new investment will bring together researchers and innovators in bilateral research partnerships with the US focused on developing safer, responsible, and trustworthy AI as well as AI for scientific uses.

The research will examine new methodologies for responsible AI development and use.

Three hubs which are most pertinent to our industry are:

AI for collective intelligence (AI4CI)

Led by Professor Seth Bullock

The AI4CI hub will develop new machine learning and smart agent technologies fuelled by real-time data streams in order to achieve collective intelligence for individuals and national agencies across:

  • healthcare
  • pandemics
  • cities
  • finance
  • environment

CHAI-EPSRC AI hub for causality in healthcare AI with real data

Led by Professor Sotirios Tsaftaris

The University of Edinburgh’s CHAI hub will improve healthcare using AI by predicting outcomes and personalising treatments. This hub will develop novel methods to unravel complex causal relationships within healthcare data.

AI hub in generative models

Led by Professor David Barber

Generative AI is a key technology that will continue to affect our lives. The hub will develop tools that industry, science and government can use to build responsible generative models to benefit the economy and society.