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Researcher seeks interested parties for a new ultrasound technology

By January 21, 2022No Comments

Please see the below request from Dr Luke Cox, a Research Associate part of the Ultrasonics & NDT Group at the University of Bristol.

I’m an engineering researcher from the University of Bristol and have been working on some new ultrasound technology which can trap, move or assemble cell or cell clusters without touching them and am trying to understand the commercial potential.

I think it could be useful for in vitro diagnostics and I have already found a few applications where this is the case. I’m now trying to understand whether the problems it solves here are common across a wider section of the industry.

Our technology can precisely move individual cells/clusters or it can pattern a large number of them in a grid to be studied simultaneously. It is also able to hold them in place against a fluid flow, allowing new reagents to be introduced. It is completely compatible with through-plane microscopy or other similar techniques which require that kind of access.

I’m keen to talk to anybody who thinks this technology might be of use to them, please contact me via this e-mail