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BIVDA’s 2nd Sustainability Seminar

By June 10, 2022No Comments

Lisa Dittmar and Julia Farrington from NHS England and Improvement led a session discussing the requirements of the Supply Chain within the Evergreen Framework and looked at some of the potential ways that IVD could contribute to the Greener NHS and Net Zero agenda. Whilst there was a reminder of the Evergreen framework, this session was much more about the how and what can be done by everyone to reach the targets that have been set.

UK CPI then facilitated a workshop on Systematic Challenges to explore what the systematic challenges that everyone in IVD and the NHS faces which could be addressed and resolved to the benefit of everyone.

Issues discussed included the difficulty in greener chemicals and the impact on patient safety and product stability, the value of waste and profit for recycling and availability of recycled materials, re-use, single use to determine the optimum level for sustainability and patient safety, and GIRFT and reducing the un-necessary use of products across the system.

Influence and leverage was raised, as the IVD industry is generally a user of off the shelf materials and understanding the other users across the supply chain to determine further leverage would be important and for procurement of products by the NHS to understand the wider supply chain when considering their requirements. Just In Time deliveries and delivery charges were discussed and the impact on carbon reduction and how incentives could be applied across the system.

Attendees also had the launch of BIVDA’s Sustainability Hub. This member resource is now live and can be found here.

Information relating to Net Zero, Social Value and NHS requirements is all in one place which members can use to ensure they can meet at least the minimum requirements placed on them by public sector procurers over the next 8 years to 2040.

To close the afternoon, we were delighted to welcome Sheri Scott, representing IBMS. Sheri leads Sustainability for IBMS and lectures at Nottingham Trent University for Biomedical sciences and her vision is to include sustainability into the courses, so that BMS’s are equipped with Sustainability knowledge coming into the workplace.

Its all about changing behaviours and looking into small but effective ways that everyone can work together to achieve each part of the puzzle.

The discussions between user and industry really brought out some options for solutions and changes in practice, and having NHS England, NHS Supply Chain, Industry commercial and industry technical and a Laboratory perspective all in the room really identified opportunities and further work as well as a few blind spots!

We will be holding our next Seminar towards the end of the year to maintain momentum and follow up on some of the work that will begin from yesterday’s meeting.

Slides from this Seminar will be available within the Sustainability Hub from next week.


Natalie Creaney