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UK-Sweden Life Sciences partnership established

By June 1, 2022No Comments

Lord Kamall signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with his Swedish counterpart last week, cementing a cooperative relationship on life sciences between the two nations. The MoU acknowledges an existing bilateral cooperative relationship between the UK and Sweden and pledges to deepen this relationship long-term, with the goal of fulfilling the countries’ respective life sciences strategies.

It also recognises the huge importance of multiple stakeholders in supporting the vibrancy of the life sciences industry in the UK and Sweden, such as higher education institutions and non-profit organisations. Lastly, the document recognises the potential for both nations to cooperate to combat shared international health challenges.

The areas of cooperation outlined which may be of interest to members are as follows: early diagnostics, genomics, clinical trials, regulatory innovation, implementation of innovation, manufacturing processes, sustainability in the life sciences sector and antimicrobial resistance.

The UK and Sweden aim to knowledge-share extensively in policy to improve the life sciences sector, to drive better standards and to stimulate an active marketplace. Broad cooperation in the research, development, evaluation and implementation of new technologies and treatments is to be undertaken too.

Moreover, the UK and Sweden will continue to work together to tackle the silent pandemic of AMR, share research and work jointly on life sciences projects, and bolster the life sciences industry across both nations through business development and collaborative endeavours. A joint working group made up of the delegations from the UK and Sweden will be established and will meet at least every six months. The delegations will then report to the OLS and its Swedish equivalent.

Ben Kemp