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Steve Barclay keynote speech at NHS ConfedExpo 2023 – summary

By June 16, 2023No Comments

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Steve Barclay delivered his assessment of the current state of the NHS and how the Government will shape it going forward this week at NHS ConfedExpo 2023.

Here is a summary of the speech containing sections of interest to members:

  • Stated a place-based approach taken by ICSs is needed so health care becomes more focused on patient need.
  • Similarly, joined-up care is now better enabled by ICSs and therefore the systems must be empowered.
  • Noted that the Government has put £8 billion into the elective recovery plan and invested £5 billion in surgical hubs and community diagnostic centres – all of which are making an impact on elective recovery.
  • Celebrated the success of community diagnostic centres.
  • Praised technology for its ability to improve outcomes and help clinicians do their jobs.
  • Promised that the tech budget is protected, as well as key-investments which will “help in the long-term”.
  • Asserted that tech must be used to make the job of local teams easier.
  • Said the Government is working with the life science industry to enable population level treatments and bespoke targeted medicines.
  • Stated that the Chancellor has identified life sciences as one of his key growth sectors.
  • Articulated that it was highly likely the NHS workforce plan would be published before the health service’s 75th anniversary.
  • Declared prevention as an exciting opportunity to empower people to make decisions about their own health and wellbeing.
Ben Kemp