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Scientists develop test which can detect 18 early-stage cancers

By January 17, 2024No Comments

Scientists have developed a test which is able to detect 18 early-stage cancers, which has been hailed by experts as a key step towards improving the early detection of cancer in a highly accurate, non-invasive way.

Often existing methods for screening are invasive and more costly, meaning this new test represents huge progress in diagnosing cancer in a more effective and economical way.

The test itself analyses proteins in the blood and is therefore able to diagnose early-stage cancers in all major organs of the body.

Novelna, the firm which developed the test, have claimed that their test is more accurate than others which analyse protein in the blood, and performed better than the Galleri test which is currently being trialled by the NHS.

Currently, the test results have a small sample size and therefore larger studies are required. However, these promising results give hope for the future.