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Novel blood test may predict diseases in diabetics

By August 25, 2023No Comments

A novel blood test may revolutionise early diagnosis of some diseases among diabetics. The breakthrough test can detect four biomarkers which are indicative of future heart and kidney issues among people with diabetes.

A study has also discovered that taking a drug called canagliflozin lowers the level of those four biomarkers compared to those who took a placebo.

Doctors regularly used the blood test to measure biomarkers to screen, diagnose or treat specific conditions. The study used over two thousand people and separated them into low, medium and high-risk categories of suffering heart and kidney disease. Their biomarkers were analysed over a three-year period, with some taking canagliflozin.

The study showed that high concentrations of each biomarker at the start of the process strongly predicted the severity of the patient’s heart and kidney problems. However, those who took canagliflozin had their biomarker levels cut dramatically.

At the one year mark of the study, biomarker levels in the canagliflozin group rose 3% to 10%, compared to an increase of 6% to 29% in those who were not given the medication.

Focusing on these biomarkers in future can aid early diagnosis of disease and therefore allow clinicians and patients to take preventative action.


Ben Kemp