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New AI tool quickly rules out heart attacks in A&E patients

By June 11, 2024No Comments

A new AI tool developed in the UK, named Rapid-RO, can quickly rule out heart attacks in A&E patients, potentially reducing unnecessary hospital stays.

During trials, it accurately ruled out heart attacks in over a third of patients, outperforming traditional troponin blood tests. Patients often require multiple troponin tests during their stay, however, Rapid-RO requires just one.

The AI uses data from initial blood tests and patient information to assess risk, showing effectiveness across different demographics and health conditions.

Rapid-RO was more effective than blood testing alone in successfully ruling out heart attacks, at a rate of 36% compared to 27%. It almost missed four times fewer heart attacks compared to traditional testing.

The researchers aim to develop Rapid-RO into an app for clinical use, enhancing patient care and optimising NHS resources.

Ben Kemp