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Media Monitoring: November 26th – December 2nd

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NHS HIV testing rollout identifies hundreds of new cases

  • More than 800 people living with HIV and Hepatitis not receiving treatment have been found by the NHS in just six months following the rollout of routine testing in A&E
  • In April 2022, the NHS made £20 million available over three years to implement routine HIV opt out testing within 33 hospital Emergency Departments, in areas with the highest rates of diagnosed HIV
  • Latest NHS data shows the programme is already having success, with 834 newly identified cases of people living with the HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C found between April and September following its launch


More ethnic diversity is needed in genomic cancer data

  • A lack of ethnic diversity in clinical trials is hampering efforts to understand the disease at a molecular level
  • A study has confirmed genomic differences in men of Chinese ethnicity suffering from prostate cancer, while men of African and Caribbean descent at the greatest risk of the disease
  • Trials are dominated by the US and European countries, therefore the aforementioned groups will suffer as they are not properly represented


Introducing the NHS Innovation Service

  • This podcast is run by the AHSN Network Health Innovation and features Matt Newman, Deputy Director of the Accelerated Access Collaborative


New research shows potential to diagnose myocarditis with routine blood tests

  • UK researchers have discovered he presence of T-cells expressing a molecule called cMet in the blood strongly indicates that a person has myocarditis
  • This could pave the way for a diagnostic test to be developed
  • The BHF researchers hope that a simple blood test can now be developed, banishing the need for an expensive and invasive biopsy


UK Medtech Strategy Before 2022 Year End, Government Promises (Paywall)

  • The UK government’s new procurement-and-beyond body housed in the DHSC says a medtech strategy could hit the presses before 2023


Smart contact lens technology can be used to detect eye infections

  • These contact lenses, worn for an hour before being removed and examined, can hopefully prevent deaths and save eyes
  • Developed by University of Sheffield researchers, the lenses would also ensure less reliance on antibiotics, further fighting against AMR
  • It is hoped they can particularly help in the developing world, where current methods are invasive and lengthy


Independent report: The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence as a Medical Device

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