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Media Monitoring: March 11th – 18th

By March 18, 2022No Comments

New national role for former CQC chief inspector

  • The former chief inspector of hospitals at the Care Quality Commission has been appointed chair of the UK National Screening Committee.
  • Sir Mike Richards, who ran the Care Quality Commission’s acute inspectorate from 2013 to 2017, will take up the new role later this month for a three-year term
  • Sir Mike led a review of screening programmes which reported in 2019, following some high-profile failures


Predicting risk of coronary artery disease with a smartphone app

  • US researchers have created a cutting-edge smartphone app that accurately calculates an individual’s genetic risk for coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • The smartphone app – called MyGeneRank – inputs a users’ genetic information from the 23andMe genetic testing company, from which it creates a CAD risk score based on the DNA data


Women with genes for endometriosis have higher risk of ovarian cancer

  • Researchers find odds of having ovarian cancer up to 2.6 times higher for women carrying genetic risk factors for endometriosis
  • The genetic link was specific to certain kinds of epithelial ovarian cancer – the most common category, which accounts for an estimated 90% of cases


New blood test may accurately detect Alzheimer’s disease

  • Brain imaging and spinal fluid tests are two of the most common ways scientists detect early signs of Alzheimer’s disease [AD] in people
  • Now, a blood test developed by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, has shown promising results in detecting the early signs of AD


Skin biopsy can help identify patients with Parkinson’s disease

  • The investigators were surprised by the finding that two patients diagnosed with PSP and CBS, respectively, had p-syn skin deposits
  • The investigators recommend further studies including larger samples of patients to confirm these results. Moreover, in the near future, it could be relevant for the recruitment of patients in clinical trials of potential disease-modifying therapies


New data to help cancer researchers understand COVID-19 impact

  • Data that shows how COVID-19 impacts people with cancer will help researchers develop new services, tests and treatments, and ultimately save lives
  • This research initiative is supported by the recent £200 million investment announced by the government
  • The investment will enable more secure and efficient access to NHS data through trusted research environments and digital clinical trial services


Thames Valley pilot study to check for rare condition

  • A pilot study that aims to improve the health of newborn babies affected by a rare muscle-wasting condition is being launched
  • Pregnant women in the Thames Valley can take part in the screening trial to detect spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
  • By the time they start showing symptoms and receives a diagnosis, most have already lost a significant proportion of their nerve function


Aberdeen’s transformational BioHub secures £2 million Scottish Enterprise investment

  • The transformational BioHub project to accelerate the growth of pioneering life sciences companies in Aberdeen has received a £2 million funding boost from Scottish Enterprise
  • BioHub is a £40million investment to double the size of north east Scotland’s high-value life sciences sector. It will be home to spinout, start-up and scaling businesses bringing new drugs, treatments, therapies and technology to market and creating high-skill jobs in the fast-growing industry sector
  • The life sciences sector is a thriving part of Scotland’s economy, with a turnover of £6.6 billion, employing 40,000 people across over 750 organisations and on target to achieve £8 billion turnover by 2025