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Media Monitoring: 9th April – 16th April

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Drug-resistant bacteria increasing risk of UTIs becoming fatal

  • AMR is becoming prevalent in common illnesses such as UTIs – a major concern, particularly for the elderly
  • Half of women and one in 20 men will be affected in their lifetimes


AMR Industry Alliance 2021 Survey – Progress Report

  • The paper provides an excellent summary of AMRIA’s work on tackling AMR
  • AMRIA have committed to four key commitments in relation to the fight against AMR: research and science, access, appropriate use, and manufacturing


NHS Health and Race Observatory appoint advisor to lead review into genetic testing race inequalities

  • Dr Veline L’Esperance has been appointed as a Clinical Advisor focusing on ethnic and racial inequalities relating to genomics and precision medicine
  • Dr L’Esperance will oversee a new review which addresses genetic testing and diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia in patients from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities
  • Across the UK, the condition can affect up to one in 250 people but, more widely, there could be up to 220,000 affected individuals in Britain. Without treatment, it can cause early heart attacks along with a higher risk of heart disease


Dengue detection tech through smartphones shows pathway for low-cost diagnostics

  • University of Reading researchers used a smartphone-test kit (Cygnus) for dengue fever detection with strong results – 82% sensitivity compared to 72% achieved with LFTs
  • The results were just as good as lab-based diagnostic testing, giving hope that this low-cost tech which can be used anywhere could be utilised to detect other diseases
  • The test kit makes a number of measurements which allows it to identify which of the 4 different types of dengue caused the infection


Experts claim many online STI tests are not up to scratch – putting patients at risk

  • Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine tested many online kits and found that only a few providers met certified standards
  • Problems ranged from incorrect labelling to incorrect or non-existent advice when using the product and post-diagnosis
  • Most of the tests came from private, non-NHS affiliated companies


Genetic testing for babies in Wales gives renewed hope

  • Wales became the first UK nation to offer genetic testing to seriously ill babies two years ago
  • A test which reads a baby’s DNA code, offered to those who are seriously ill, has led to a diagnosis 40% of the time
  • Experts hope that this will be extended to all children suspected of having a genetic illness


North East Innovation Lab receives investment of £1.4m to continue vital work to protect health

  • The North East Innovation Lab has received an investment of £1.4 million to continue work on assessing and evaluating the next generation of diagnostic tests
  • The investment has come from the Academic Health Sciences Network North East and North Cumbria and NHS England’s Accelerated Access Collaborative
  • Since launching in January 2021, the team has been in contact with over 70 organisations across the globe, from the UK to the USA and Australia, and has 36 projects in place with 17 companies


BioIVT Appoints Jennifer Murphy as Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Operations

  • BioIVT, a leading provider of biospecimens, research models and services for drug and diagnostic development, today announced that it has appointed Jennifer Murphy as Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Operations
  • In her new role, Jennifer will be responsible for building and growing the global commercial programs for all BioIVT’s product lines and services

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