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Media Monitoring: 7 – 13 March

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Disease prevention ‘absolutely critical’ for the future, Whitty says

  • Sir Chris Whitty called for a “very serious, science-based” approach on prevention in order for people to have a better quality of life in old age
  • He also said there should be focus on maintaining generalist skills in the medical workforce, rather than specialisms


New project to investigate how graphene can act as basis for new diagnostics

  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) will collaborate with ProMake, a material science and diagnostic company, as part of Innovate UK’s Accelerated Knowledge Transfer Scheme
  • ProMake has developed a novel device prototype, the ‘BioPod’, a hand-held point-of-care diagnostic containing the graphene lab-on-a-chip (LOC) electrode. The LOC uses functionalised graphene, a super-strong and thin material laced with specific receptors, to detect a wide range of pathogens
  • The aim is to use the BioPod in the same way as lateral flow tests (LFTs), to test for COVID-19 and other pathogens. However, unlike LFTs, which provide quick results but with less accuracy than tests processed in the lab, the BioPod’s advanced technology has the potential to be more accurate and easier to interpret


UK signs trade pact with second biggest US state – Texas

  • Texas is the largest and eighth US state to conclude a trade pact with the UK, bringing the combined GDP to £5.3 trillion – a quarter of US GDP
  • Statement of Mutual Cooperation will strengthen trade between the UK and Texas
  • Pact will benefit key sectors including energy, life sciences, and professional services


Physician associates must stop diagnosing patients, say senior medics

  • Staff such as physician associates should be banned from diagnosing patients, leading medics have said, after the death of a woman whose fatal blood clot was missed twice
  • The British Medical Association (BMA) has published guidance outlining what it thinks the level of responsibility those in medical associate professions (MAPs)
  • It states MAPs must not be responsible for initially assessing or diagnosing patients and must be closely supervised when seeing patients who had already seen a doctor


Peter Kyle delivers speech at techUK conference

  • Addressing an audience of business leaders at techUK’s policy event in London yesterday afternoon, shadow Science Secretary Peter Kyle outlined Labour’s approach to tech regulation and confirmed that the opposition party is currently working on an AI strategy document
  • He added that a new regulatory innovation office will be set up in Government that would give strategic steers in line with Labour’s industrial strategy
  • Kyle added that Labour would look at reforming processes at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)


Teens choose NHS as first choice for their future career

  • Both Doctor and Nurse made the top five in career preferences in a survey of 4,000 young people, with one in ten saying that Doctor was their top career pick
  • The NHS has committed to growing its workforce to navigate the rising demand for healthcare as part of its Long Term Workforce Plan, with plans to double medical school training places by 15,000 and increase the number of GP training places by 50% to 6,000 by 2031
  • The data follows a week in which thousands of secondary school children in England attended talks and watched videos to learn about the possibilities available to them if they pursue an NHS career