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Media Monitoring: 4 – 10 July

By July 9, 2024No Comments

Sky News: Why Whole Genome Sequencing Can Improve Child Cancer Treatments

  • Whole genome sequencing identifies specific genetic mutations in child cancer patients, enabling tailored treatments.
  • This approach helps predict which treatments will be effective and reduces unnecessary side effects.
  • Personalized treatment plans based on genetic information improve survival rates and quality of life for young patients.


Financial Times: Labour Expected to Launch ‘Postmortem’ Audit of NHS Finances

  • The Labour Party plans a comprehensive review of NHS finances to identify areas of inefficiency and waste.
  • This audit aims to ensure better resource allocation and improved healthcare services.
  • The initiative reflects Labour’s commitment to revamping the NHS and addressing financial challenges.


Genomics England: Dr. Ellen Thomas Appointed Chief Medical Officer

  • Dr. Ellen Thomas has been appointed Chief Medical Officer at Genomics England, bringing extensive experience in clinical genetics.
  • She has played key roles in the 100,000 Genomes Project and the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.
  • Her leadership is expected to advance genomic research and healthcare innovation at Genomics England.
Ben Kemp