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Media Monitoring: 29th October – 4th November

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Prostate cancer treatments at record high due to Covid delays (paywall)

  • Record numbers of men are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer as a result of delays accessing care during the pandemic, new data shows


Pancreatic cancer could be diagnosed up to three years earlier

  • Pancreatic cancer could be identified in patients up to three years earlier than current diagnoses, new research suggests
  • Weight loss and increasing blood glucose levels are early indicators of pancreatic cancer and could lead to a more timely diagnosis, helping to improve survival rates
  • At the time of diagnosis, body max index (BMI) was lower in those with pancreatic cancer by three units. The elevation in glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) was detectable even earlier, from three years before the diagnosis


Blood that detects concussions in 15 minutes used in practice for the first time (paywall)

  • Doctors at Tampa General Hospital in Florida are the first to use the test that requires just a simple blood sample


Novel troponin test set to improve diagnosis of heart attacks

  • University of Turku researchers have developed a troponin test which can identify heart attack patients whose cardiac troponin values are elevated due to renal insufficiency
  • These new troponin tests will aid in distinguishing the cause of heart attacks and therefore can more speedily and accurately diagnose myocardial infarction (MI)
  • The research team found that the troponin ratio was much higher in MI patients than in patients with renal insufficiency, which current tests are unable to do


NHS SBS and Norfolk ICS providing finance and procurement template in landmark agreement

  • Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System (ICS) and NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) have agreed a milestone deal which means that NHS SBS will provide an integrated finance and procurement service to all the trusts presided over by the ICS for the next decade
  • The partnership is the first ever NHS contract for the delivery of consolidated corporate services over an ICS’s full footprint – which could set a revolutionary template for other ICSs


Rapid test for antiphospholipid syndrome currently being developed

  • University of Geneva researchers have developed a new approach, which targets the disease antibodies, which will over double the accuracy of screening tests
  • Current screening methods are not particularly reliable
  • This is a huge boost for women’s health as antiphospholipid syndrome can cause thromboses and the death of foetuses



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