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Media Monitoring – 27th August – 2nd September

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Novel blood test measures pulmonary arterial hypertension severity

  • The test developed by National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers, measures DNA fragments released by damaged cells
  • Patients with the disease usually present with high levels of fragments in their blood, with higher levels correlating with disease severity
  • Knowing the fragment levels in patients’ blood allows doctors to tackle the disease faster and the test itself has performed better than standard diagnostic methods according to clinical studies


Researchers find genetic variants associated with Crohn’s disease

  • A team of researchers from around the world have discovered genetic variants in 10 genes which directly increase a person’s risk of developing Crohn’s disease
  • This includes genetic variations in in regions of the genome which have hitherto never been connected to Crohn’s disease
  • The causes of the disease are not understood fully – it is assumed that it results from an immune response against gut bacteria by genetically susceptible individuals


Pre-pregnancy genetic testing could help spot risks before conception

  • University of Zurich researchers have studied the effectiveness of genetic testing before a woman falls pregnant
  • Their study showed they can detect the risk of the child having a severe developmental disorder in about 44% of cases if the parents are related by blood
  • The genetic test also discovered 5% of cases in couples who were not blood-related but only if all known recessive genes were investigated
  • It is likely that developmental disorders are caused by unidentified genes – as 58% of cases of developmental disorders remained unexplained


Rishi Sunak vows to make UK a ‘science superpower’ if he wins PM contest

  • In order to deliver his pledge, Mr Sunak declared he would establish a better alternative to the Horizon Europe programme which the UK is fighting to rejoin
  • He also stated that “science and innovation will be at the heart of my government”
  • Moreover, he would create a taskforce approach to science policy in his government following criticism of science’s importance (or lack thereof) in the Johnson administration


Policy Paper: Reviving Global Health Systems: How Technology Can Improve the Quality and Quantity of Life

  • The Tony Blair Institute has produced an interesting policy paper which examines the role technology can play in improving global health
  • It notes that biotech advances can produce a more ‘predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory’ model of health for patients – a vision which IVDs will play a key role

Ben Kemp