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Media Monitoring: 25th June – 1st July

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People with advanced bowel cancer are less likely to have participated in cancer screenings

  • A collaboration between a team at King’s College London led by Peter Sasieni and a QMUL-based group led by Stephen Duffy collected data from over 14,000 people with bowel cancer and over 29,000 people who did not have bowel cancer
  • They estimated that the risk of developing advanced bowel cancer was reduced by 30% among people who were screened
  • As the NHS Long-Term Plan aims to increase the proportion of early cancer diagnosis from just over 50% to 75% by 2028, the early detection of advanced bowel cancer is vital for achieving this goal


Researchers from Johns Hopkins create novel liquid biopsy test for breast cancer

  • John Hopkins University researchers have developed the Liquid Biopsy for Breast Cancer Methylation (LBx-BCM) test, which produces results in just five hours
  • The test has been developed to be a prototype test and can only be used for research purposes currently
  • The test utilises a panel of nine genes that can detect four breast cancer subtypes and has the capability to spot methylation markers in one or more genes


PM launches major trade initiatives to capitalise on Commonwealth advantage

  • PM will launch plans for landmark Developing Countries Trading Scheme as well as new Platinum Partnership trade alliances and financial Centres of Expertise
  • Investment highlights include new £124m UK Export Finance loan to help British businesses improve healthcare in Guyana and UK health tech export wins worth almost £40m in India
  • Investment is already 27 percent higher between Commonwealth countries and bilateral trading costs are on average a fifth lower due to shared language and legal and economic systems – known as the ‘Commonwealth Advantage’


Genetic mutations dictate life expectancy in Parkinson’s patients

  • A French-based research team has found new gene variants that could predict life expectancy in Parkinson’s disease patients
  • Researchers examined the health records of 2,037 Parkinson’s disease patients from the point of their first hospital visit and discovered two mutations that may forecast Parkinson’s disease life expectancy
  • Patients with SNCA or GBA mutations had a much shorter life expectancy from Parkinson’s disease than those who do not carry the mutation


Global study finds Alzheimer’s disease risk genes

  • Researchers compared the genomes of individuals who had Alzheimer’s disease with more than 600,000 healthy participants and found 75 risk genes for Alzheimer’s disease, including 42 new genes which had not been previously linked to the condition
  • These results, from such a large dataset, will help researchers to better identify at-risk patients in the future


Partnership to accelerate tests and devices for people with dementia

  • A partnership between the UK Dementia Research Institute and LifeArc has been established and hopes to bring new innovations, such as novel diagnostic tests, to dementia sufferers
  • The partnership is valid for five years and at its core is a commitment by LifeArc to invest £30 million to support research at the six UK universities which the Institute occupy


NIHR unveil new publishing platform to help data be shared more quickly between researchers

  • The new platform will allow researchers to quickly share their findings – including as they progress and also report negative findings
  • This will ensure all data is in one place – reducing duplication in the research publishing process and being a hub for researchers and innovators to access key data
  • It is hoped that this will help bring innovations to patients faster.



Ben Kemp