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Media Monitoring: 25 November – 1 December

By December 1, 2023No Comments

Women urged to take up NHS cervical screening invitations

  • Women are being urged to accept NHS cervical screening invites after new figures show three in ten of those eligible for screening do not take up the potentially life-saving offer.
  • The NHS invites women for screening every three to five years depending on their age, or more frequently if the high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) is detected, with the programme saving thousands of lives annually.
  • The NHS Cervical Screening Programme, England 2022-2023annual report, published by NHS England today, found that 68.7% of 25 to 64 year-olds had attended screening within the recommended period of time, compared to 69.9% the previous year.

Novel AI-powered method detects antimicrobial resistance within 30 minutes

  • Researchers supported by the Oxford Martin Programme on Antimicrobial Resistance Testing (University of Oxford) have reported advances towards a novel and rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test that can return results within as little as 30 minutes.
  • In their study, the team used a combination of fluorescence microscopy and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
  • The researchers say their model could be used to identify whether cells in clinical samples are resistant to a range of a wide variety of antibiotics in the future.

Stretched NHS even less ready to cope with a new pandemic, scientists warn

  • The UK is now worse prepared for a pandemic than it was when Covid-19 first swept the country, a former government health minister has warned.
  • Former health minister Lord Bethell said that in terms of identifying future threats, and handling any new outbreak, he believes Britain’s overstretched health system is now less able to respond to another major viral outbreak.

Seven ideas to reduce the environmental impact of point-of-care diagnostics

  • Elena Boland of TTP looks at some ideas to reduce, eliminate or even use more single-use plastics in the interest of sustainability.

HIV blood tests to be rolled out to more hospitals

  • Opt-out blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C will be rolled out to a further 46 hospitals across England, the government has announced.
  • Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said the new £20m programme would lead to earlier diagnoses and treatment.
  • It came ahead of a speech by Sir Elton John at an event in Parliament.

Universities across the Midlands announce new international campaign to attract global R&D investment to the UK

  • To coincide with this week’s UK Global Investment Summit, the Midlands Engine Partnership, Midlands Innovation and Midlands Enterprise Universities has launched an innovative new campaign to drive international investment into research and development across the Midlands.
  • You can read their health and life sciences prospectus here.