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Media Monitoring: 22 April – 28 April

By April 28, 2023No Comments

The Government have released three papers regarding the performance of COVID tests during the o, they can be viewed below:


New test to revolutionise lung cancer diagnosis rolled out in Wales

  • By increasing the use of non-invasive liquid biopsy (blood sample) at an earlier stage of the cancer pathway, targeted treatments can be decided and administered quicker, improving patient outcomes and survival rates.
  • Made possible through the All-Wales Medical Genomics Service (AWMGS), Illumina technology, Life Sciences Hub Wales, and investment from multiple partner organisations, the new use of the blood test can detect multiple cancer markers without needing an invasive tissue biopsy
  • Testing the use of emerging technologies such as liquid biopsies is one example of how the Welsh Government plans to transform diagnostic services in Wales, as set out in the Diagnostic Strategy for Wales, launched this week


PM doubles down on driving growth with new Business Connect series

  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak launches Business Connect – a new conference that champions the dynamism of UK businesses to unlock innovation and grow the economy
  • Over 200 of the UK’s highest profile CEOs and c-suite business leaders gathered in London for the event, representing key growth sectors including tech, life sciences and advanced manufacturing
  • Speaking directly to delegates at the event, the Prime Minister underlined his commitment to optimise the conditions for businesses to thrive and in turn, drive growth


Rapid Test for Mpox Virus Developed

  • Penn University researchers have developed a rapid test which can detect Mpox
  • The technology utilises gold nanoparticles which then bind to nucleic acid particles, visually changing them and thus making them easy to identify by scientists
  • This is a significant improvement on PCR tests for the disease which can be time-consuming and cumbersome


Britain’s poor record on health costs economy £43bn a year, says report

  • An Institute for Public Policy Research has concluded that the UK’s poor record on health is costing the Treasury billions each year
  • On average, those who are long-term sick face a loss of up to £2,200 a year
  • The institute has urged the Government to hardwire health into policy making, akin to previous climate change legislation


Patient needs key for innovation – survey indicates

  • Over 80% of leaders in healthcare organisations across UK and Ireland say delivering on patient needs is one of the main factors driving innovation initiatives within their organisations
  • While 3/4s of these leaders claim delivering on that is a key measure of innovation success
  • Budget constraints were unsurprisingly cited as one of the major obstacles to innovation success


Britain wants special Brexit discount to rejoin EU science projects

  • Talks finally began last month, with the EU confirming that the UK would not have to pay backdated fees for the years missed in the seven-year cycle
  • However, the UK still wants a bigger discount if it is to rejoin the programme, arguing British researchers are in a worse position compared to their European peers due to their two year absence
  • The UK have maintained that they are unafraid to develop their own research programme, as outlined in the Pioneer programme, however, Horizon Europe association is still their primary priority


It will take a decade to get the NHS back to where it was, Labour says

  • Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has claimed that fixing the current problems in the NHS will not be a short process
  • He spoke at a King’s Fund event of the need to be both ‘ambitious’ and ‘realistic’ about what Labour can achieve if they form the next Government
  • He stated that some of Labour’s top priorities include improving cancer care and expanding access to primary care





Ben Kemp