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Media Monitoring: 22 – 28 October

By October 28, 2022No Comments

5 million to be invited to participate in early disease diagnosis scheme

  • Our Future Health is aiming to recruit 3 million people in the UK this autumn to take part in this project to diagnose and treat diseases earlier
  • 5 million will eventually be recruited, with participants sharing their health records and giving blood samples, as well as having their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol measured, and their DNA analysed
  • It is expected to become the UK’s largest health research programme and hopes to add those identified as at risk to research and screening programmes


New Sepsis survey shows low adherence to guidelines in Sepsis cases putting patients at risk

  • Despite 95% of surveyed doctors thinking that developing sepsis is serious, 66% agree that there is sometimes a delay in diagnosing sepsis and over half (56%) agree that they do miss some cases of sepsis in the hospitals in which they work
  • From a list of actions, surveyed doctors are most likely to believe that more staff (66%), receiving training on what Sepsis Bundles are (54%) and rapid diagnostic tests (45%) would improve adherence to these bundles in the hospitals within which they work
  • Whilst nearly all surveyed respondents (98%) agree early detection of sepsis can lead to significantly better outcomes, one in four (27%) said that a lack of rapid diagnostic tests is one of the main barriers to adhering to the stages outlined in the Sepsis Bundles


Virus Testing Diagnostic Kits Market Worth $39.64 Billion Billion Globally by 2028

  • The growing prevalence of infectious diseases across the globe, increasing healthcare expenditure, and rising health cognizance of the masses are primarily augmenting the outlook of this industry vertical
  • Additionally, surge in the geriatric population base along with the rising R&D investments in the field are creating lucrative opportunities for the business sphere to prosper
  • On the flipside, dearth of skilled labor in the sector coupled with the unavailability of raw materials are hindering the remuneration scope of this business vertical. Moreover, complex regulatory standards regarding the commercialization of these kids is further slowing down the progression of this industry–brandessence-market-research-301653649.html


Cancer diagnoses in London dropped 14% during Covid pandemic

  • Cancer diagnoses fell to their lowest levels in seven years in 2020, as the impact of the pandemic was felt
  • This represents a fall of 5,400 compared to 2019
  • The biggest change in male cancer diagnoses was in prostate cancer, which fell nationally by 11,463 (24 per cent) from 2019 to 2020


R&D investment fall at odds with UK’s science superpower ambitions

  • R&D investment has fallen by almost a fifth since 2014
  • The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said the UK’s share of global investment in R&D projects – including in health and life sciences – had fallen from 4.2% 8 years ago to 3.4% in 2019 immediately before the pandemic
  • IPPR stated extra £62bn a year needed to match global leader Israel
  • The UK ranks 11th in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development group of wealthy nations for total R&D investment as a percentage of GDP, far behind comparable affluent countries such as the US, Austria and Switzerland


Researchers discover liquid biopsies could detect blood cancer

  • Institut Gustave Roussy researchers found that DNA in the blood originating from cancer tumours, which can be identified through liquid biopsies, can indicate the type of cancer and its progression, leading to better targeted therapies
  • It can also be used to measure patients’ responses to treatment without the use of invasive biopsies taken from the tumour itself
  • 8% of participants from the trial had mutations that would place them at high risk of blood cancer in their lifetime