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Media Monitoring: 21 – 27 March

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Public satisfaction with NHS at lowest ever level, survey shows

  • Just 24% said they were satisfied with the NHS in 2023, with waiting times and staff shortages the biggest concerns.
  • That is five percentage points down on last year and a drop from the 2010 high of 70% satisfaction.
  • When asked about government choices on tax and spending on the NHS, 48% backed increasing taxes and spending more on the NHS, but 42% preferred to keep taxes and spending the same and 6% backed reducing taxes and spending less.


Call for urgent agreement on international deal to prepare for and prevent future pandemics

  • A high-powered intervention by 23 former national Presidents, 22 former Prime Ministers, a former UN General Secretary and 3 Nobel Laureates is being made to press for an urgent agreement from international negotiators on a Pandemic Accord, under the Constitution of the World Health Organizaion, to bolster the world’s collective preparedness and response to future pandemics.
  • Signatories of the open letter hope their combined influence will encourage all 194 nations to maintain the courage of their Covid-years conviction and make their own collective ambition of an international pandemic protocol a reality by the intended May deadline to enable ratification by the World Health Assembly at its May 2024 Annual General Assembly.
  • They urge negotiators “to redouble their efforts” to meet the imminent deadline and not let their efforts be blown off course by malicious misinformation campaigning against the WHO, the international organisation which would be tasked with implementing the new health accord.


DHSC provides Covid-19 update

  • The routine provision of free Covid-19 Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests for the management of outbreaks in higher risk settings will come to an end in England. However, free testing in higher risk settings will remain.
  • Routine asymptomatic Covid-19 LFD testing on discharge from hospital into care or hospice settings will also end.
  • Limited testing will continue in line with locally derived protocols to protect those most at risk.
  • Symptomatic testing of patient-facing hospice staff who work closely with people who are at high risk from severe outcomes if suffering from Covid-19 will also continue.
  • People eligible for Covid-19 treatments can continue to access free LFDs from their local pharmacy.


Rapid diagnostics and AMR testing from the blood culture bench

  • Dr Neil Bentley OBE offers a personal reflection on the impact of rapid diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance testing from the blood culture bench.


I helped advise the US government on the next likely pandemic. What I learned is alarming – opinion piece

  • The 100-day challenge, to be able to contain a virus while a vaccine is approved, manufactured and delivered, looks ever more remote.


South Korea joins Horizon Europe in multi-billion euro push to globalise science

  • South Korea has officially completed negotiations to join the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe, making it the first Asian country outside the European region to associate.
  • It’s the latest expansion of Horizon outside Europe, with Korea joining New Zealand and Canada in signing up to the programme.


‘Is this how I die?’ John Crace on his terrifying heart attack

  • Guardian columnist John Crace recounts his four days in hospital, providing an insight into the NHS and the diagnostic tests he underwent.
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