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Media Monitoring: 20 – 26 May

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Starmer unveils Labour’s vision for the future of the NHS

  • The Labour leader has promised to get waiting lists down, focus on prevention, return to the four-hour A&E target and set a 7-minute ambulance target for cardiac arrests.
  • He also pledged to tackle severe health inequalities, particularly based on race and class, and diagnose 75% of cancers at stage one or two.
  • Mr Starmer seeks to move care away from hospitals and closer to the community, with the NHS becoming a ‘Neighbourhood Health Service’, including screening for disease in community areas such as libraries and shops.
  • He also wants to fully digitise the NHS and embrace innovation, especially AI.


Government signs Hiroshima Accord with Japan

  • The agreement strengthens ties between our two nations, including in defence and science and technology
  • A new Industrial Science, Innovation and Technology Implementing Arrangement, supported by new partnership activities among academic institutions, universities and business communities has been launched to augment SciTech ties between Japanese and UK businesses.
  • Stronger partnerships have been established on translational, clinical, and applied health and care research in areas such as genomic medicine, clinical trials, and dementia, work towards international regulatory harmonisation for medicines and medical products, and lead internationally on strengthening clinical trial standards.


Urine Test Could Reveal Cancer and Metastases

  • MIT researchers have developed a novel urine test which can differentiate cancers and could even signal the presence of metastases.
  • The test involves first giving nanoparticles to patients which circulate around their blood before encountering a tumor. The tumour’s overexpressed enxymes then release a DNA barcode into the blood.
  • These DNA strands are then excreted in urine, which then provide a result on a paper strip.


Government meets target one year early to recruit primary care staff

  • Over 26,000 more primary care professionals now working in GP practices since March 2019.
  • Government delivers key manifesto commitment to expand GP teams.
  • Wide range of healthcare professionals working alongside doctors and nurses delivering direct patient care as quickly as possible.


UK Diagnostics Companies Count On Medtech Strategy To Deliver (paywall)

  • “The UK government’s first ever medtech strategy has received plaudits for its ambition. The diagnostics industry, while supportive of the intent, is waiting for more than just promises.”


MedTech FUTURES highlights NHS’s need for technological solutions

  • Stuart Angell, chair, Regulatory Affairs Working Party, British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) spoke at the event.
  • He highlighted that the MHRA is actively engaging with medtech developers, manufacturers, suppliers, and others to understand their pain points and develop regulatory guidance that makes the UK an attractive market for medtech development.