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By January 10, 2024No Comments

NHS England trials home testing for Chronic Kidney Disease.

Tens of thousands of patients at risk of kidney disease will be able to get tested from the comfort of their own homes as part of a £30 million tech and AI innovation fund this winter.

The early detection device will initially be sent to 30,000 patients who are considered most at risk for kidney disease.

Analysis suggests the device could help detect 1,300 cases of undiagnosed chronic kidney disease (CKD) over the coming months, as well as stopping some patients from developing end-stage renal disease – improving outcomes for individuals and reducing pressure on the NHS by preventing unplanned hospital admissions.

Patients place a small device in a urine sample before scanning the device into an app which gives immediate results on whether a patient may have a kidney condition. The test results are immediately uploaded to the patient’s electronic medical record for clinical review.

The National CKD Audit projects that for every 100 patients prevented from developing moderate to severe CKD through early detection, seven acute kidney injuries, six cardiovascular events, two ICU admissions and seven deaths are avoided.

COVID-style Flu Tests in Care Homes (Telegraph)                                                         

The Telegraph reports on how care homes in the North of England are using multiplex LFD tests to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Rosalind Franklin Laboratory to Pivot to Phages? (Independent)

The UKHSA’s former PCR mega lab in Leamington ceased operations in January 2023 and has been up for sale since November 2023.  However, a new report from the Science, Innovation, and Technology Parliamentary Committee has suggested the facility could be used to conduct clinical trials into the use of bacteriophages in tackling anti-microbial resistance.