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Media Monitoring: 19th – 26th March 2022

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UKRI strategy will keep UK at forefront of research and innovation

  • UKRI’s first five-year strategy outlines how the organisation will support the UK’s world class research and innovation system, fuel an innovation-led economy and society and drive up prosperity across the UK
  • The strategy sets out how UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will invest in people, places and ideas and break down barriers between disciplines and sectors to tackle current and future challenges


Blood test could shorten hospital stays for children with cancer, new study reveals

  • The study, by researchers from the University of York and Hull York Medical School and funded by Yorkshire cancer charity Candlelighters, reveals the blood test can help doctors to distinguish between children whose fever is a sign of serious illness and those who are safe to go home
  • The results of the study, which involved 28 children with cancer, show that using the blood test in combination with a new protocol to identify children that are safe to go home, cuts their average stay in hospital down to two days, with some able to leave in as little as eight hours.


Researchers design a novel painless and reliable allergy test

  • Researchers have developed a novel allergy test that simplifies the diagnosis of allergies and can reliably predict the success of therapy
  • The researchers developed their novel allergy test by creating a new in vitro cell culture which generates almost any desired number of mature mast cells within a few days
  • The researchers also developed the allergy test to have the ability to measure up to 36 conditions in a single test tube

Researchers design a novel painless and reliable allergy test


Innovative COVID-19 PCR test distinguishes all SARS-CoV-2 variants

  • Created by researchers at ResearchPath LLC and collaborators at Rutgers University, the novel COVID-19 PCR test employs molecular beacons that can not only diagnose COVID-19 infection but also determines the specific variant of the virus
  • This groundbreaking diagnostics advancement may enable healthcare professionals to rapidly identify the most effective course of treatment for a patient depending on their variant, helping to save lives

Innovative COVID-19 PCR test distinguishes all SARS-CoV-2 variants


Health Minister publishes new 10 year Cancer Strategy

  • A strategy that aims to deliver top class outcomes for people in Northern Ireland diagnosed with cancer has today been launched by Health Minister Robin Swann
  • In an important step forward for a key goal in the Strategy, the Minister revealed the locations for two prototype Rapid Diagnosis Centres which will serve patients from across Northern Ireland
  • These will be established at Whiteabbey Hospital in Newtownabbey and South Tyrone Hospital in Dungannon


UK’s first digital health training programme launches for NHS frontline staff

  • This week, the Digital Health Academy became freely available for all healthcare professionals in the UK to upskill frontline workers on their digital health literacy
  • The Digital Health Academy sets out to actively engage over 50,000 UK healthcare professionals in its first year, and all 630,000 NHS health care professionals by 2031
  • 65% of the public are open to trying digital health technologies, but only 17% of recommendations came from GPs, 8% from hospital doctors, and 2% from nurses

UK’s first digital health training programme launches for NHS frontline staff


Post from Katy Heaney, Consultant Clinical Scientist at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust


Today I used the one minute silence to reflect on my friends and family and my work colleagues… all the sacrifices and challenges.

Having come away from #ibmscongress2022 last week I also reflect on how critical our manufacturer colleagues were to our efforts. Not focusing so much on their products or their company motto. But the individuals who took the difficult phone calls and who managed the difficult conversations.

The ones that had to tell us there wasn’t enough yet, or it hadn’t arrived as we all thought it would or expected. The ones who listened to our needs and did their very best to meet the needs.

The data management, the counting, the registrations, the paperwork, back to back meetings and calls. And this is just a reflection of the side I saw as a customer.

All while dealing with their own personal circumstances… wfh/families/friends/shifting sands.
I thank you all.
It takes a team.
We were and are in it together.