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Media Monitoring: 18th – 24th February

By February 24, 2023No Comments

Innovative new tech projects awarded funding to help veterans healthcare

  • £5 million awarded to 22 projects to drive forward cutting-edge treatments and technologies to support veterans’ healthcare
  • The funding will help spur innovation, ensure that treatments are informed by the latest research and developments in clinical care, and bring the best of UK science and technology to the forefront of veterans health
  • Scientists at the University of Birmingham will use biomarkers in blood and saliva from veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injury to develop an algorithm to predict prognosis and treatment

NHS cuts elective backlog with longest waiters down a quarter in one month

  • NHS staff across England have reduced the number of patients waiting more than a year and a half by over a quarter in just one month, despite the busiest winter ever
  • The total number waiting more than 18 months has fallen by 27% from 54,382 on 15 January to 39,903 as of 12 February
  • Over 70 NHS trusts in England now have fewer than 100 patients waiting more than a year and a half, ahead of the ambition to virtually eliminate these waits by April

Just 10% of Britons think ministers have right policies on NHS, study shows

  • Research has shown that despite this number, support for the NHS’s founding principles remain strong
  • Moreover, only 33% of people believe that the NHS is providing a good service
  • 62% believe that NHS care will worsen over the next year, up from 39% who agreed with that sentiment last year

Scientists develop five minute AI respiratory disease test

  • The test, powered by AI, can identify respiratory diseases such as flu and COVID in just five minutes from a nasal or throat swab
  • Current tests are either quick but less accurate or lab-based and therefore time consuming, also meaning that people can infect others while waiting for results
  • The test utilises molecular labelling, computer vision and machine learning, forming a universal diagnostic imaging platform which looks directly at a patient sample and identify which pathogen is present in a matter of seconds

New NHS campaign urges people to use their bowel cancer home testing kit

  • Millions of people in England who have been sent a lifesaving home testing kit that can detect early signs of bowel cancer are being encouraged to use it and return it, as part of a new, first-of-a-kind NHS campaign
  • It aims to increase uptake of the home testing kit to ensure more people are diagnosed with bowel cancer at the earliest stage, when they’re nine times more likely to survive
  • Latest data shows the proportion of people choosing to participate in bowel screening has increased to 70.3% – the highest on record

Why NICE Is Building The Medtech Innovation Plane As It Flies (paywall)

  • England’s NICE is ditching the rulebook in favor of “failing forward faster” when it comes to tackling medtech innovations

Antibiotic resistance: where do we go next?

  • Tune into this Guardian podcast as Ian Sample speaks to the Guardian’s science correspondent Hannah Devlin about genetically modified bacteria, the potential of plant toxins, and why scientists are hunting for viruses known as ‘bacteriophages’ in birdbaths and sewers
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