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Media Monitoring: 16th – 23rd July

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First ever Women’s Health Strategy for England published

  • Details the Government’s 10-year ambitions and the actions we are taking now to improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls in England
  • BIVDA is analysing the policy paper to assess the role of IVDs in the Government’s plan and will release a relevant briefing/news shortly


Transformational Border pilots to create an Ecosystem of Trust

  • The Brexit Opportunities Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has announced that the Government, in partnership with industry, has launched six border innovation pilots that will transform the way the border operates
  • The Ecosystem of Trust pilots will assess the use of technology, data and trusted trader relationships to minimise the administrative burdens and costs on traders which are ultimately passed on to the consumer
  • The model aims to create a more secure border, while limiting the need for HMG to conduct compliance activities at the border, with traders allowed to perform more self-assessment at their premises. Ultimately, it could remove the transactional nature of customs/border processes


Scottish universities announce novel leukaemia blood test

  • The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have announced a blood test which can assess a person’s risk of developing leukemia years prior to diagnosis
  • Researchers analysed how changes in fitness advantage, occurring in blood production, may indicate a patient’s risk of developing the disease depending on the appearance of different mutation types
  • This was achieved by combining complex genomic data with a machine-learning algorithm, which therefore allowed researchers to link different mutations with the growth speeds of blood stem cells that carried mutations


Innovation heavyweights appointed to lead new Advanced Research and Invention Agency

  • Ilan Gur, founder and former CEO of innovation non-profit Activate, appointed to head up the Advanced Research and Invention Agency – the UK’s new, independent science funding body
  • Under Dr Gur’s leadership as its first CEO, ARIA will have the freedom to identify and fund transformational science and technology at speed with minimal bureaucracy
  • Matt Clifford MBE, co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, appointed as ARIA’s first Chairman


Blood-based biomarkers could be used as a tool for early detection of TB in HIV positive people

  • Researchers analysed the activation status of MTB-specific CD4 T cells as a surrogate biomarker to diagnose TB disease in HIV-positive patients
  • The findings suggest that using a blood-based biomarker, like the activation status of MTB-specific CD4+ T cells, could facilitate the early detection of incipient TB
  • Once a diagnostic product based on the principle described in this basic research becomes available in the future, this could improve clinical outcomes, reduce the transmission of MTB, and potentially save lives


Leading scientists use Genomics England data set to propose updated global guidelines to improve rare disease diagnosis

  • Today, an international group of leading scientists publish recommendations for updating existing standards for determining the disease-causing potential of genomic variants, harnessing insights from Genomics England rare disease participants
  • The recommendations address a major challenge in the diagnosis and understanding of rare disease: to date, most genetic testing has been focused on coding sequence variants – that is, those variants that disrupt regions of genes that directly encode proteins
  • Yet while these standards have provided a solid, evidence-driven framework for delivering consistent and reliable diagnoses using such tests, coding regions account for at most 2% of the genome
  • In proposing updates to these guidelines for the WGS era, the authors focus explicitly on recommending adaptations and expansions that sit alongside the existing guidance, and using the same strategy of consultation and consensus-building that was used to create them

Natalie Creaney