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Media Monitoring: 11th June – 18th June

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Elevated disease risk for the 1 in 500 men with extra sex chromosome

  • Approximately one in 500 men may be carrying an extra X or Y chromosome – most of them without knowing – leading to an elevated risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and thrombosis, Cambridge and Exeter University researchers say
  • Researchers analysed genetic data collected on over 200,000 UK men aged 40-70 from UK Biobank, which contains anonymised genetic, lifestyle and health information from 500,000 UK participants
  • By linking genetic data to routine health records, it was discovered that men with XXY have significantly higher chances of reproductive problems, including a 3x higher risk of delayed puberty and a 4x higher risk of being childless


IVF failure and miscarriage risk can be determined by genomic testing

  • The risk of suffering from one of the most common types of miscarriages can be predicted by specialised genome analysis, a Rutgers University study has found
  • The breakthrough could improve patients’ and clinicians’ decision-making regarding reproductive choices and fertility treatment plans
  • Recent studies have shown that genes predispose certain women to aneuploidy, but the exact genetic causes of aneuploid egg production are still undetermined


Nanopore sequencing found to provide speedy, accurate rare disorder diagnosis

  • Nanopore sequencing, defined as a rapid third-generation cytogenetic analysis tool, can accurately detect specific genomic disorders in in much less time than it takes to conduct traditional and molecular cytogenetic testing
  • This allows for earlier diagnosis of genetic disorders and thus access to appropriate treatments much faster
  • Nanopore sequencing is a third-generation scalable sequencing technology that enables direct, real-time analysis of long DNA or RNA fragments


Novel test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections launched in Israel

  • Following US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the MeMed BV test, which allows doctors to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in 15 minutes, Maccabi Healthcare Services is launching the test in all its urgent care centres around Israel
  • A recent pilot showed that in 21% of cases where the new test was employed, doctors changed their medical decision due to the test results – demonstrating its utility


Presence of multiple heart conditions may triple the likelihood of developing dementia

  • A broad UK study of more than 200,000 people has found that people’s risk of dementia with multiple heart conditions is 3x as high
  • The Oxford University and the University of Exeter research is one of the largest ever to investigate the association between several heart conditions and dementia and one of the first to study the impacts of multiple health conditions


Health and Social Care Secretary sets out vision for year ahead

  • Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid spoke at the NHS Confederation looking to the year ahead with publication of a Digital Health and Care Plan, Health Disparities White Paper and the NHS’ first-ever 15-year workforce strategy
  • He reiterated plans to ensure the right leadership is in place at all levels of health and social care following landmark review
  • Health and Social Care Secretary also called for stronger partnerships between different health and social care services to help tackle the Covid backlog


NHS lands breakthrough in global battle against superbugs

  • The NHS is set to roll out two ‘superbug’ busting drugs through a world-first, pioneering subscription deal that will help tackle antimicrobial resistance
  • The deal, initially for two antimicrobial drugs, means patients with serious infections that have evolved so much that antibiotics and other current treatments are no longer effective, can be given a potentially life-saving alternative
  • A study from the University of Oxford published this year estimates that around 1.2 million deaths globally were caused by antibiotic resistance and experts predict this will only grow


IBMS Chief Executive David Wells awarded the 2021 Chief Scientific Officer’s Healthcare Science Lifetime Achievement Award

  • He received the award on Biomedical Science Day 2022 for his contribution to pathology services
  • Warm congratulations from the whole BIVDA team!

Natalie Creaney